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Häromdagen fick jag en sf-bok med posten från min NT-vän. Han har länge sagt att jag måste läsa den men den har varit ”borttappad” – och nu när han hade hittat den igen tyckte han att det var så bråttom för mig att läsa den så att det inte kunde vänta tills vi ses nästa gång. Och det hade han rätt i! 🙂

VILKEN bra bok – The Three-Body Problem av Cixin Liu!

Jag förstår också varför han tyckte att jag måste läsa den. Det borde ni också göra! Ta det som ett tips (sid. 398):

The princeps was one of the few who kept calm. He asked the science consul, ”How complicated can the internal structure of a subatomic particle be?”

”It depends on the number of dimensions of your observation perspective. From a one-dimensional perspective, it’s only a point – that’s how ordinary people think of the particles. From a two- or three-dimensional perspective, the particle begins to show internal structure. From a four-dimensional perspective, a fundamental particle is an immense world.

The princeps said, ”To use a word like ‘immense’ to describe a subatomic particle such as a proton seems incredible to me.”

The science consul ignored the princeps and continued, ”As we move to higher dimensions, the complexity and number of structures within a particle increase dramatically. The comparisons I’m about to make will not be precise, but should give you an idea of the scale. A particle seen from a seven-dimensional perspective has a complexity comparable to our Trisolaran stellar system in three dimensions. From an eight-dimensional perspective, a particle is a vast presence like the Milky Way. When the perspective has been raised to nine dimensions, a fundamental particle’s internal structures and complexity are equal to the whole universe. As for even higher dimensions, our physicists haven’t yet been able to explore them, so we cannot yet imagine the degree of complexity.

The princeps pointed to the giant eyes in space. ”Do these show that the microcosmos contained within the unfolded proton harbors intelligent life?”

”Our definition of ‘life’ is probably not appropriate for the higher-dimensional microcosmos. More accurately, we can only say that the universe contains intelligence or wisdom. Scientists have long predicted this possibility. It would have been odd for such a complex and vast world to not have evolved something akin to intelligence.”

Ok, nog med citat! 🙂 Vi får väl se när jag kommer igång med mina egna ord igen – det är ingen idé att jäkta för då tar det bara längre tid…