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Jag tror att man har hittat platsen för den stående vågen nu! 🙂 Platsen för själva INTERFACET – även om forskarna inte kallar det för det:

Deviations From Expectations: Detecting Moving Objects

Pawel Zmarz and Georg Keller at the FMI have identified neurons in the visual cortex that enable the detection of moving objects as we move along. These neurons integrate visual and motor-related input and signal a mismatch when there is a deviation between actual and predicted visual flow. In addition, these neurons cover clearly defined areas of the visual field, conveying highly specific local information.

Häromdan såg jag också den här, om det topografiska systemet (även om det inte heter det i artikeln):

Researchers investigate how neurons sample probability distributions

For observations based on sensory data, the human brain must constantly verify which ”version” of reality underlies the perception. The answer is gleaned from probability distributions that are stored in the nerve cell network itself. The neurons are able to detect patterns that reflect acquired knowledge. Applying mathematical methods, physicists from Heidelberg University and researchers from Graz University of Technology have proven this phenomenon in their investigations.

Jaha, det var det. Allt ÄR verkligen klart nu…